The first month

I didn’t know I can love a small creature that much!

Yes! I said it. And I know this might sound false or even close to horrible for some of you, but it’s true. I used to think the same about whoever would say the that about their own pet. But the truth is that you just can’t believe such thing is possible until it actually happens to you. And when it happens, it hits hard. In a good way. ?

As of yesterday we have had this little lady for exactly 4 weeks. It’s been a real adventure so far and, I’m not gonna lie about it, we’ve had lots of cries, sleep deprivation, hide-and-seek games and many others.

To begin with, in the very fist days in her new home, Sharu was still extremely scared. We’ve learned from the adoption centre that she’s been rescued from an apartment with 8 other pets where she’s been extremely neglected and barely fed. So no wonder she was super scared when we first took her. Sharu was super quiet in the begging (spoiler alert for what’s next ?) and managed to hide in the most inaccessible places of the house, like the very back of the under shoe rack or behind the DVD player.

You should have seen us in the first days ? We were measuring her food – as we didn’t want to overfeed her; we were following her at every step, monitoring every reaction and ‘documenting’ all kinds of different meows trying to understand what each means. I think we were so funny to watch. In the meantime, one visit to the vet later and after many articles read on the web, we are a bit more relaxed. Apparently, you don’t have to measure your cat’s food, as they have a natural instinct in containing themselves and they only eat as much as they need. But we will talk another time about this.

As in the first nights Sharu was crying constantly and we couldn’t get any kind of sleep, we looked in all kinds of toys, gadgets, catnip et al. that might keep her busy or distract her. As you might have noticed from this post, we bought her quite some things. All for nothing, because she has no interest what so ever in any of them. Sharu is a very atypical cat. She’s not attracted at all by the catnip, nor by the tiny mouses or laser pointer. Only recently she started playing with a rope we had around, acting like a crazy.? You should see her taking the rope in her mouth and running towards our feet and the looking with super-sweet-kitty-eyes at us. ?

Overall, is still very hard to get her standing still – she’s in constant move!

She mostly sleeps with us in bed, either next to me, either on my belly. Needless to say what kind of a surprise I had when she first made herself comfortable on my body. ?

She’s still super scared when we have guests over – she’s hiding and it’s almost impossible to get her out of there, anywhere that would be around the house.

But she’s a sweetheart. And I am crazy about her eyes ?

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