Please meet Sharu

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would very much like you to meet the most elegant young lady you’ll ever see in your life. Her name is Sharu and she is a beauty of 7 months old, with amazing blue eyes and extremely fluffy white fur.

We were first charmed by her eyes last Saturday evening when Kat Zoekt Thuis announced her as being available for adoption. We immediately grabbed the phone and hopelessly called for her. We were so sure that she has been already adopted. I mean, how can you resist to such beauty? But she wasn’t. On Sunday morning, we ran to see her. I didn’t need much to know that I already love her and I want her home.

And our ‘Blue eyes dream’ came true. We adopted her right on the spot and we took her home.

Now, we are very happy to be her family and I can’t wait to walk you through our story.

Follow the blog closely to find out how did the first days went and which are our first impressions and experiences.

PS: It is veery hard to get her still, therefore, I will come back with some other photos later on. Sharu527 Sharu528Sharu520 Sharu522 Sharu523 Sharu525


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